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Core Aeration

What It Is

Aeration is the removal of small cores of soil to allow air, moisture and fertilizer down to the root zone. A core aerator will pull one to two inch plugs of soil from the ground. These plugs are deposited on the soil's surface where they will Core Aeration 1-800-LawnCare.com Lawn Care tips and ideasbreak down. Soil surrounding the plugged holes and the soil deposited on top will collapse and fill in. It doesn't work to use aeration equipment that simply punches a hole in the soil. While a hole may be created, the "punched" soil merely compacts the soil surrounding the hole.

How It Works

The controlled removal of the small soil cores has many benefits. It allows fertilizer, water and air to quickly reach the root zone of your grass. Both drought and heavy rain stress your grass. During drought conditions, aeration helps water reach thirsty roots. When rain is heavy, it allows air to penetrate and help dry up excess moisture. Core aeration creates healthy roots and thicker, more beautiful lawns.

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